Louisville CV Axle Repair

A vehicle's constant velocity axles (CV axles) and straight axles transmit power from the differential or transmission to the wheel hub assembly. Unless you've hit a curb, run over debris, or you frequently travel on unpaved surfaces, your CV axles should last between 80,000-100,000 miles.

Barnes Auto Service's team of X master mechanics are fully prepared to inspect your boots, CV joints, fluids, and axles. We will advise you of whether they are in good working order or need to be replaced before they fail and take you (literally) off the road.

How to know when you've pushed it too far

Many drivers don't realize that their vehicle's CV axel is damaged, or choose to keep driving anyway. Some car owners ignore looking into the source of an unknown leak, vibration, or grinding noise. Unfortunately, this leaves them operating on borrowed time and puts them at risk on the road.

Straight Axle Repair

Even though straight axels usually require minimum service throughout their lifetime, in cases where drivers have struck a curb, wall, or run something over, they can generate enough opposing force to bend the axle.

To investigate, our master mechanics will jack your vehicle up and move the wheels by hand to gauge the extent of irregularities. Next, they will remove the axels and place a straight edge on them to determine whether they need to be replaced. In every case, they will clean the differential, replace its fluid, and seal the cover.

Better safe than sorry

At any point in your car's lifetime, you can call 502-966-8644 or "Bring it to Barnes," and we will run an inspection to identify any issues or problems associated with your CV axles.